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abu hasan
Jul 28, 2022
In Common Questions
Freedom, interest, being a star, making quick money... No matter what the original intention is, the current self-media is no longer just a sideline outside of work, but a choice for a formal career. In 2021, Zhaopin’s “Report on the Status and Trends of the Generation Z Workplace” shows that over 70% of the surveyed Generation Z are engaged in or willing to try emerging occupations such as e-commerce anchors, and the proportion is significantly higher than that of the post-65s, post-75s and post-85s. . The rise of the Internet celebrity economy, the help of short videos in the 5G era, the crowds in the Internet celebrity track, and the people outside constantly looking around, there will be a market if there is demand. In a sense, the MCN organization is the "star maker" for Internet celebrities. factory". MCN is the abbreviation of "Multi-Channel Network" in English, which means multi-channel network . As a product form, MCN is essentially a new Internet celebrity economic operation mode . By combining PGC (professional content production) content , with the support of capital, to ensure the continuous output of content, so as to finally realize the stable realization of business. The MCN organization is a content creation organization that uses the MCN model to operate, serve and manage accounts of a certain scale. The form is not limited to video, but also includes live broadcasts, graphics and other forms. Through planning, positioning, packaging, promotion, content distribution, investment promotion and other services, MCN agencies turn single content creators into Internet celebrities with traffic and commercial value. Therefore, MCN institutions are also regarded Number List as Internet celebrity incubators. Typically, MCN agencies operate online celebrities in two ways: One is self-incubation , creating a brand new internet celebrity from scratch. With the service package of "packaging + traffic + core resources", some amateur Xiaobai and experts in the field choose to sign up with MCN agencies and settle in the platform. For them, MCN institutions are no different from ordinary enterprises. The company recruits employees, trains, trains, builds IP, content promotion, and traffic support, and employees undertake corresponding jobs in accordance with the company's management requirements. The second is to find Internet celebrities and celebrities who have accumulated a certain popularity to cooperate and promise higher-value business realization. For example, most of the anchors of Yuanwang Network are celebrities who have been famous for many years, including Jia Nailiang, Cecilia Cheung, Wang Zulan, Huang Yi, Jessica and so on. As an external service organization, the MCN organization provides them with corresponding training guidance, network marketing, account operation and other services. The two basically belong to the cooperative relationship between equal subjects. According to iiMedia Research's "2022-2023 China MCN Industry Development Research Report", the growth rate of the number of MCN institutions will remain stable in 2021. It is expected that the number of MCN institutions will exceed 40,000 in 2022 and 60,000 in 2025. In 2015, the number did not exceed 200.
Douyin Weibo shows the name of MCN, where should the content media
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