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Kenzie Sturgeon
Oct 20, 2021
In Common Questions
Let's talk color. Did you know that you should wait 48 hours to wash your hair after your hair appointment? This is because when coloring or lightening the hair, you're opening up the hair cuticle to allow color inside. Waiting the 48 hours gives your cuticle time to close, prolonging your color. Wash your hair less! Demi-Permanent colors are meant to last on average 10-14 washes. The less you wash the hair, the longer you will get out of your color. Use professional products I promise you professional products are not a scam, there is a reason your stylist wanting you to use these products to pro long the life of your color as well as the integrity of your hair. Let me put it this way, you should never wear a Gucci belt with $5 leggings ;)
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Kenzie Sturgeon

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