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sukla Rani
Jun 21, 2022
In Common Questions
What if you weren't on social media? What is/are my goal(s)? Short term? Medium? Length? What makes my profiles or information really different from that of other users/brands? How far am i willing to go on social media? Does the company see the phone number list of social media as a risk or an opportunity? Could we regularly generate enough interesting content to attract potential customers? And bond them emotionally? Always short, medium and long term goals. Planning forecasts what result do i expect to get? How much time will i spend daily? What phone number list am i going to use? What is the budget available? How often am i going to update, modify, create or edit the social networks? My profiles? Do i have a contingency plan? (plan b) do i also have a plan c? D? And? Highly recommended) we should be realistic, they should all be measurable. Operational actions what could work? No? Should i get help or some kind of guidance? External? Internal? What networks and platforms is my target audience on? What phone number list them? Does it motivate them? It worries them? What kind of content do i offer? Is it relevant? (for them) right? How can i make it so? Should i set “terms and conditions” for optimal use? Policies? What actions phone number list should i implement to integrate social media in the communication plan? How can i let phone number list know that we are on social media? Do we have employees who would be interested in helping with social media? How could we do it? How often am i going to establish deadlines for monitoring, correction and evaluation? Set a calendar with deadlines. Deviations periodic review have i properly chosen the social media strategy? What should i do to make my image on social networks really influential? And attractive? Do i put plan b in motion? Be careful with our own perceptions. Metrics roi? How do i measure success? What metrics am i going to use? Followers? Stake? References? Questions are as important as processes. Specific social conversations are phone number list authentic? Are they real conversations? Or are they self-promotion hidden behind a conversation? Do they “hook” the audience? How do they respond to them? Do they answer? Do they move my audience to action? (the action could be “i like” the facebook page, answer a question or join a conversation) do phone number list bring me closer to my audience? Let me learn about them? Do they always go on business topics?
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sukla Rani

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